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How to Prep for Disney

If you've never been to Disney before and you don't know where to get started, or maybe you're not a very good planner in general, THIS IS THE POST FOR YOU.

This post is going to be how I prep and plan for a Disney trip as a travel agent and as a regular mom of 2 boys!


First things first, use a travel agent (ME) to begin. If you want to go to Disney and you don't even know where to begin, this should be the FIRST thing you do. Why?

1. I can help you narrow down dates that work for your family

2. I can help you figure out a realistic starting budget.

3. I can help guide you in the direction of other things such as how many park days and resorts that work best for your family.

Secondly, after we've worked together for a realistic budget, dates, and smaller details, we can begin discussing payment options and put down the down payment (which is ONLY $200 as long as its 30 days before your travel date). Once you've paid your down payment, I will send you an excellent planning guide for DL and WDW (Universal is still in progress). This planning guide has info for all the restaurants on park property, ride height requirements, a packing checklist, genie+ information and even a coloring sheet for any littles that may be going!

After reviewing my planning guide, let me know what dining reservations you may want because you are able to reserve them 60 days before your trip. The most popular dining reservations sell out FAST so we can work together to reserve them. If you feel comfortable doing it on your own, go for it!

At 30 days before your check-in date, your final payment is due. I will send out a reminder a week before and 3 days before. You can pay any way you'd like for your vacation as long as the final payment is made at the 30 day deadline! Unfortunately, I don't have a way to automatically make the payments for you, but we can work together to making payments!

3 days prior to check-in, I will send you your e-travel documents from Disney. I suggest printing and saving snapshots on your phone of everything in case technology fails us the moment of (which it seems to happen that way often huh??). I will also update you of any ride closures, weather updates, etc for your upcoming trip!

Check-In - Check- out, I am here for you in any way you need! Please feel free to text me details of your day and if any issues arise. I LOVE pics of the memories you're making and I have so much fun knowing you're having a great time!


Now, as a mother, I take things a bit further....

After contacting my travel agent (me), I set up my vacation, pay my down payment, etc. but I also get set up on My Disney Experience app on my phone and I use it often to get used to finding things on it. The app has everything you need to know about Disney! Here is what we use the app for the most:

  1. Mobile ordering. We order food while in line for a ride and the food is ready for us when we're done so we're not wasting time! Mobile ordering locations can be found on the map and in the menu. This works best for our family because we like to move quick and don't take long dining breaks. We want to ride and see as much as we can!

  2. Attraction wait times. The map shows all the attraction wait times so we know what rides we should go to next.

  3. Genie+. If we've chosen to use genie+, everything is done on the mobile app.

  4. Restroom finder. We have 2 young boys who forget to use the bathroom often, so knowing where the closest one is at all times is verrrrrryy helpful.

Next, we do research! Our family watches a lot of Disney youtube videos to help us figure out what's new at Disney so we stay informed! Our favorites are All Ears, Disney Food Blog, and Provost Park Pass. This is where we get our park strategy planned and food plans from! I also refer back to my blog posts for helpful info ;]

7 days before, I begin looking at the My Disney Experience app attraction wait times for each day I'll be at each park so I can get an idea of what rides to hit at what time. Example, if I'm going to MK 1 week from today, I will look at the map and notice Space Mountain times are lower in the morning than in the afternoon, so I will plan to go to Space Mountain next week in the morning. It's the nerd in me I guess ha

5 days before, I begin to pack my park bag and my kids suitcases with a wide range of clothing items and stuff. I start packing early to make sure I have everything I need. I might need a poncho, a jacket, and sunscreen all in the same day! Comfy shoes for all is a must, as well as bandaids and empty water bottles. I also use the packing checklist from my planning guide to help me ;] Also the ears... so many ears!

3 days before, I save all Disney travel documents to my app, my phone and print so I have multiple copies just in case! Nothing like panicking while trying to rush in the gate and I can't find my ticket!

On the trip, I just try to focus on relaxing, enjoying my time with my family and staying flexible! It's Disney! It's magical!!

I hope this helps! If you have any other tips, please let me know!



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