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All-Inclusives. Bliss or Bust?

My husband and I were blessed to stay at an all-inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas this past December. This was our first time doing anything all-inclusive on land and we learned a few things! So, if you've ever wondered if the all-inclusive option is really worth it, good for families and worth the price... here is the blog for you!

I will be going through 7 of the top "benefits" to an all-inclusive and what our thoughts are!

  1. The Food: first things first, you're going to want to know what food items are actually included with your package. For us, it was everything except for fine quality meats (steak & lobster). The hotel we stayed at had a lot of different restaurant locations including pasta, farm to table, tacos, pizza, a sports bar and a breakfast buffet. Every restaurant inside was included! We ate A LOT of tacos and guacamole. We ate at the taco place every single day for 5 days for lunch and never got tired of it. For us, the best perk of an all-inclusive is the food and this hotel was great at meeting that expectation! Here are my tips when it comes to food at an all-inclusive: look for a hotel with multiple options for restaurants. Make sure at least 2 of the restaurants work for you if you have a restricted diet (like I do). Also, know the hours for the restaurants. A few of our restaurants were only open on certain days and if you book for a hotel because a restaurant looks really good but is open on a day that you won't be there, it's not worth it!

  2. Drinks: now this topic won't have a lot for me to add because we don't drink at all. And if you're like us, you might not enjoy the endless drinks that certain hotel guests are taking advantage of because of their careless behavior BUT HEY, that's a decision you'll have to make on your own!

  3. Entertainment: our hotel offered "plenty of entertainment" options which turned out to only be 1 restaurant each night. The food was really good and the entertainment was ok but I wouldn't consider it a "must do" for each night. So if you're looking for entertainment at the hotel, be specific about what you'd like and include that in your research.

  4. Pampering: most all-inclusives are going to have some kind of spa services. The hotel we stayed at had an AMAZING spa! However, a few of the pools weren't working which was kind of a bummer. Just call ahead to make sure everything is in good working order and take a look at their spa services. Of course these spa services are NOT usually included in your all-inclusive package but having that option was a wonderful way to relax!

  5. Exclusive Access to Activities: staying at an all-inclusive resort usually grants you exclusive access to a beach or activities. Knowing what these are ahead of time will make your trip more enjoyable when you get there. We knew that our hotel offered a few things such as paddle boards and tennis equipment but we never had a chance to rent them out. Cabo also had a hurricane hit 2 months before we arrived and it washed out part of their beach! I didn't even realize that was a thing! It was kind of a bummer not to have a big shallow beach to wade and swim in at our footsteps but we just had a walk a little farther down the beach to get to a safer and easier beach to swim in. All in all, not something they can control but definitely helpful to know ahead of time!

  6. Seamless Convenience: it was extremely wonderful to forget about reaching into our wallet at every moment! It was so convenient to just show up and have everything taken care of and prepaid. I would highly suggest looking into the all-inclusive packages and seeing what is included. Every hotel is different and some more off more options such as transportation & special activities.

  7. Safety: Mexico isn't well known for it's safety outside of the touristy areas which is why staying at an all-inclusive hotel works well for us! We didn't go off property much and really didn't need to! When looking at an all-inclusive, consider the area and if you'd feel safe going off property with you or your family. We felt very safe the entire time and because we go to Cabo often, we know that the people and the area are super tourist-friendly.

So, would I do this again and bring my family?

Absolutely! I would 100% prioritize finding an all-inclusive option when traveling overseas. I see the benefits if my trip is one or more of the following:

  1. A new destination. If I don't know a place really well, I like having a good home base where I can find the essentials and can branch off when I feel comfortable!

  2. I'm traveling with small kids and won't leave the resort much or at all.

  3. The resort has all the qualities of a relaxing vacation that I want on its own (spa, great food, activities, etc)

  4. We are traveling specifically overseas such as Mexico.

  5. I want to eat. SO. MUCH. FOOD.

So tell me, what all-inclusive places have you been to? Want to visit again or a new one for the first time? Let me know and I can make it happen!!


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